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Energy Management System

Energy demand is expected to increase considerably in the coming years as theresult of population growth and economic development. Manypeople in the world are currently experiencing dramatic shifts in lifestyle as their economies make the transition from a subsistence to an industrial or service base.The largest increases in energy demand will take place in developing countries where the proportion of global energy consumption is expected to increase from 46 to 58 percent between 2004 and 2030.

Very first step to save energy is to measure the same because “you can not save, what can not measure”. An energy management system is a system of computer-aided tools used by operators to monitor, control, and optimize consumption & performance for plants. The monitor and control functions are generally achieved by SCADA. Same is also referred as EMS system. 

EMS system may include following activities:

  • Recording-Measuring and recording energy consumption 
  • Analyzing-Correlating energy consumption to a measured output
  • Comparing-Comparing energy consumption to an appropriate standard or benchmark 
  • Setting Targets-Setting targets to reduce or control energy consumption 
  • Monitoring-Comparing energy consumption to the set target on a regular basis 
  • Reporting-Reporting the results including any variances from the targets which have been set 
  • Controlling-Implementing management measures to correct any variances, which may have occurred. 

We offer SCADA based EMS system for monitoring of Energy Consumption & manage load of different areas of process plant. Which in includes interfacing of SCADA system with Numerical Relays, Energy monitors, Energy meters, protection devices, annunciator etc. A SCADA system provides real time as well as historical Record of signals in numerical & graphical form also.

User definable reports can be generated by reporter package which can be used for total consumption analysis.


  • Precise & Automated logging of information
  • Critical Parameter Monitoring in both Real time & Graphical Form
  • User Defined Report formats for Data Analysis & better Control
  • Supervision and Self Diagnostics
  • Power Quality monitoring
  • Time Tagged Events 
  • Consistency Analysis


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Cost Saving
  • Reduced manufacturing Cost
  • Assist in preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Ensure equipment performance

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