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Digital Panel Meters


 Digital Indicator 408-M

Model 408-M has a large LED display of 0.8” which facilitates plant Features operator to read process data very conveniently from far distance. Model 408-M is micro controller based indicator with high accuracy and has a multiple input selection capability which helps user to maintain common inventory. It is also equipped with field selectable inputs and field scalable ranges for flexible operations Built-in transmitter power supply eliminates the need of additional power supply to excite field transmitter, which makes this model well equipped. 


Process Indicator 409

Masibus 409 is a micro-controller based 5 digit process indicator, designed to accept multiple input types and two programmable set points with individual relays. Model 409 is a stable & rugged indicator, the first choice of OEMs and end users.


Bar Graph Indicators 

40005E-SCDC Bar Graph Indicator 4005E

The 40005E is an Enhanced version of our Legacy model 40005 Bargraph indicators, additional capabilities have been added by way of multi-serial ports, Ethernet port, scanning speed, and Relay outputs. The model is available in single channel and dual channel format.



Flow Totaliser 


6 Digit Flow Counter/Indicator/Totalizer 1006H

Masibus’ Model 1006H is compact panels mount Flow Indicator Totalizer having 6-digit single display group for flow rate and batch total. Measured parameters are displayed with high accuracy and floating decimal point position. If auxiliary power fail, the displayed Batch Total, ... 


 8 Digit Flow Indicator/Totaliser 1008S

Masibus 1008S is a panel-mount rate totalizer with separate rate and total display in 1/4 DIN size. It accepts linear current/voltage and pulse input for flow monitoring. This Indicator shows process variable on 5-digit and integrated total value on 8-digit display. Measured parameters are displayed with high accuracy and floating decimal point position. 


Loop Powered Indicators 

LPI 1  Loop Powered Indicators LED LCD 400X250 Loop Powered Indicator LPI-1

Masibus LPI-1 series Loop Powered Indicator comes in four models; LED in Panel and Wall Mount as well as LCD in Panel and Wall Mount, to suit different viewing and mounting applications. All models are two-wire loop powered and need no Auxiliary power. 


Large Display Indicators

408-2IN Indicator Large Display Indicator 408-2IN

408-2IN Process Indicator has large LED display of 1.8” height Red seven-segments. It is an ideal solution when some critical process needs to be supervised over distances up to 80 feet (25 m). Its larger digits facilitate process value to be monitored across wider geographical area in plant.

409-4IN ​​Large Display Indicator 409-4IN

Masibus model 409-4IN is the large display Indicator which can be monitored up to distance of 160 feet (50m). Its large digit facilitates process value to be monitored across wider geographical area in plant. It has most advanced features for monitoring and communication of process status.

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