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Multi Platform Integration

Bridging the gap between production and management systems

Managers have long known that valuable information resides in the systems that run their production facilities. The problem has often been that both worlds operate in isolation, with little or no connection between them. Masibus offers solution to map process information with MES and ERP systems for decision making and mapping plant IT systems with process systems

Centralizing Information from multi-vendor process data islands

Typically, almost all utility and process companies have multiple sections which may be scattered across wide area. Each of the section is having different set of hardware and software from multiple suppliers. Integrating all these sub sections with central dashboard SCADA system is always a challenge because of obsolete hardware, limited software support and communication issues

Masibus has integrated multi-vendor system to central SCADA with almost all possible communication medium.

Our major Central SCADA applications include:

  • Central SCADA for Pumping Stations
  • Central SCADA for Sub Station Automations
  • Central SCADA for Custody Transfer Systems

Masibus has designed various SCADA solutions with different communication network, media and protocols with our in-house integration capabilities:

  • M2M Technology, 3G VPN Gateways and Routers
  • Plant and City wide Fiber optic Network
  • Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Radio Connectivity
  • Telephone and Leased Line
  • Satellite Links
  • SMS and Email Server

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