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Time Synchronization

GPS Time Sync Clocks

MC-1-DE  DH GPS Time Sync Units MC-1-DE & MC-1-DH

GPS Time Sync Unit supports time code and pulse signals complying with standards like RS232/485 serial, PPS, IRIG-B, NTP, these outputs have ample drive capability to drive multiple loads in parallel and its parameters are fully configurable.... 

DDU-CL Digital Display Unit DDU-XX

Masibus Digital Power Display Unit DDU-XX Slave Clock  a versatile, multi-featured code driven Digital Display Unit. It displays parameters like Time, Date, Day and Frequency. This digital display unit decodes and displays all Time protocols like IRIG-B modulated/ TTL, NTP (Ethernet) and Serial (NGTS, NMEA and TFormats). IRIG-B decoding supports the 1 KHz modulated format (B12x) and the TTL format (B00x).

MC-1-U-GPS-Master-Clock GPS Master Clock MC-1-MU

These outputs have ample drive capability to easily drive multiple loads in parallel and its parameter fully configurable. The GPS Backup battery is now included in MC-1-U. This feature improves acquisition time to as little as 15 seconds after a b... 

MTS200 MTS200 masTER Time-Sync Unit

Network Time Protocol (NTP) MTS200 is a Stratum 1 GPS based full featured NTP Server that synchronizes all types of NTP and SNTP clients in a LAN. NTP v2/v3 and v4 with all modes (Unicast / Broadcast / Multicast) and all necessary MD5 based...


Time Distribution cum Splitter 


Time Distribution Rack TDR-4

TDR-4 has also facility to interface redundant GPS incase of any failure occur with the first GPS. The Masibus GPS signal distributor amplifies & distribute different outputs as connected to it rear side. A common Power ON LED for power...

time-signal-repeater Time Signal Repeater

Features Amplified & Isolated output Compact wall mount enclosure Timing Signals outputs: 1-IRIG-B modulated; 2-IRIG-B TTL; 3-RS-232; 4-1PPS; 5-Event Reverse Polarity Protection for Power Supply Applications Electrical...

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