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Data Acquisition

Multi-Channel Scanner

8204-4-channel-scannerdaq-module 8204 4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay

group or 1 group with 4 relays per group. One discrete LED is provided per relay for indication. 8204 has built-in Isolated RS485 serial communication port with Modbus RTU protocol and provides optional analog retransmission output with Max/Min...

8208 8208 8-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay

individually or group wise. Channels can be configured up to 4 groups with one relay per group; 2 groups with 2 relays per group or 1 group with 4 relays per group. Two discrete LEDs are provided per channel and one LED per relay for indication....

8208-XP 8 Channel Flame Proof Scanner 8208-XP

Masibus model 8208-XP Scanner, is the Ex-proof version of model 8208, and is certified for use in Hazardous areas and is available in two types of enclosures.

8208-IP 4/8 Channel Weather Proof Scanner 8208-IP

The 8208-IP Scanner offers 4 / 8 channel monitoring with advanced functions and full programming features with touch sense keys in IP65 Weather proof protection for monitoring process values and protection application.


Intelligent IOs 

MINT MINT Intelligent Digital and Analog I/Os

Masibus’ MINT IO series are the most cost effective Field Interface for Smart Systems whether it is DAS, SCADA, PLC or DCS. The MINT IOs are available in Universal Analog Input, Analog Output, Digital Input and Digital Output with up to 16 channels.

MINT CP MINT Communication Processor

The MINT CP is a Communication Processor which connects MINT-IOs and Serial Modbus-RTU Devices to a Modnet Ethernet Network. MINTPLUS configuration Software is available to configure the MINT CP fully with IP address, subnet mask, Modnet parameters and Serial Modbus master parameters.


Enhanced Multi-Channel Scanners 

85XX Plus Right 600x600px 8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

The 85XX⁺ is an upgrade on the most successful model 85XX; additional capabilities have been added by way of multi-serial ports, Ethernet port, USB port, Profibus, Scanning speed and alphanumeric display.


Data Loggers

8040-128 Channel DAQ  128-Channel Logger / DAQ module 8040

Masibus Datalogger Model 8040 is a high performance Data Acquisition/Data logging Device, designed to work as a standalone unit or with PC Interface. Model 8040 is available in 19” sub-rack with 10 I/O slots, the architecture supports a max of 8 universal Analog input modules and max of 2 Digital output modules (1 DO only possible in case of Ethernet or USB o/p in Main Controller), Power Supply and Main Controller Module. 


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