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Time Synchronization

Master Clock Time Sync Unit 

MC-1-DE  DH MC-1-DE & MC-1-DH GPS Time Sync Units

GPS Time Sync Unit supports time code and pulse signals complying with standards like RS232/485 serial, PPS, IRIG-B, NTP, these outputs have ample drive capability to drive multiple loads in parallel and its parameters are fully configurable.... 

MC-1-M MC-1-M GPS Master Clock

The GPS receiver has built-in RTC backed up with on board battery to maintain time during power loss and instant recovery on power resumption. MC-1-M has an optional ITU-T G.703 Standard, 2.048 MHz frequency output which Confirms to ITU-T G.811,...

MC-1-U-GPS-Master-Clock MC-1-U GPS Master Clock

These outputs have ample drive capability to easily drive multiple loads in parallel and its parameter fully configurable. The GPS Backup battery is now included in MC-1-U. This feature improves acquisition time to as little as 15 seconds after a b... 

MTS200 MTS200 masTER Time-Sync

Network Time Protocol (NTP) MTS200 is a Stratum 1 GPS based full featured NTP Server that synchronizes all types of NTP and SNTP clients in a LAN. NTP v2/v3 and v4 with all modes (Unicast / Broadcast / Multicast) and all necessary MD5 based...


Slave Clock Time Sync Unit 

DDU-CL DDU-XX Digital Display Unit

Masibus Digital Power Display Unit DDU-XX is a versatile, multi-featured code driven Digital Display. It displays parameters like Time, Date, Day and Frequency. This unit decodes and displays all Time protocols like IRIG-B modulated/ TTL, NTP (Ethernet)...


Time Distribution cum Splitter 


TDR-4 Time Distribution Rack

TDR-4 has also facility to interface redundant GPS incase of any failure occur with the first GPS. The Masibus GPS signal distributor amplifies & distribute different outputs as connected to it rear side. A common Power ON LED for power...

time-signal-repeater Time Signal Repeater

Features Amplified & Isolated output Compact wall mount enclosure Timing Signals outputs: 1-IRIG-B modulated; 2-IRIG-B TTL; 3-RS-232; 4-1PPS; 5-Event Reverse Polarity Protection for Power Supply Applications Electrical...


Wireless Clock System 

DDU24-44-MC2 DDU24/44 & MC-2 Wireless Clock System

Frequency hopping technology is available for error free communication in case of interference from some wireless device on some particular communication frequency. Masibus Wireless Clock System also has two more options of wired RS232 or RS485...

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