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Universal Transmitter


Universal Transmitter UT-94

AUX Powered Temperature Transmitter UT-94 is a 4 wire versatile universal transmitter that isolates & converts wide range of conventional/ unconventional process inputs into standard process signals acceptable to commercially off the shelf (COTS) automation products. Signal inverting option is also available. The input circuit can accommodate a variety of input signal levels including bi-directional, reverse, true and live-zero. A built in 4 digit display facilitates the user to monitor process value and helps in fast configuration and calibration. Model UT-94 enables analog signals to transmit without galvanic connections between the fields to the receiving instrument.


Temperature Transmitter

TT7S Family Temperature Transmitter TT7S

Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter TT7S series  are designed for Isolated and accurate temperature measurements and signal conditioning Applications. Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter Model TT7S10 is 2-wire Loop powered; Model TT7S11 is 4-wire Auxiliary powered and Model TT7S10-H is Head mount version of TT7S10. All models are programmable for Thermocouples, Pt-100 RTD, mV and Resistance/Potentiometer. Output signal is standard 4-20mA in 2-wire and mA or Volts in 4-wire. Programming of the Transmitters is easy by means of user friendlymTRANwindows based configuration software.

TT7S Family Temperature Transmitter TT7S00-HR

Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter TT7S00-HR is low cost Analog Linearized non-isolated 2-wire Head mount Transmitter. Solder pads selection and potentiometer adjustments makes the Transmitter suitable for multi-range applications; the electronics is rated to withstand high temperature, protected by potting and housed in a rugged enclosure for reliability.

Electrical Transmitter

ET7S2122 Single Dual Channel Input Loop powered Isolator Single/Dual Channel Input Loop Powered Isolator ET7S21/22

ET7S21 / ET7S22 are Single / Dual channel Input Loop powered Isolators used for Electrical Isolation of 4–20mA signal, Electrical Isolation eliminates common mode voltages, prevents ground loops measurement errors and protects expensive systems from field faults...

ET7S Electrical Transmitter Electrical Transmitter ET7S

Masibus ET7S series includes Electrical Transmitters designed for accurate conditioning of standard process signal in compact DIN rail enclosure. It has two variants; ET7S10 with Loop Power Supply and ET7S11 with Auxiliary Power supply...


Humidity Transmitter

HT7S Group Humidity cum Temperature Transmitter HT7S

There are three variants in HT7S series: Humidity transmitter, Humidity transmitter with RTD Pt 100 Passive output and Humidity cum Temperature transmitter. HT7S series transmitter is available in Wall mount and Duct mount options. Transmitter provides linear output signals directly proportional to relative humidity and temperature.

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