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SCADA and Telemetry Systems

With the wide range of RTU(Remote Terminal Units) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) currently on the market, SCADA system engineers and deci­sion makers face several challenges. Which classes of units provide the optimal functionality, expandability, and cost effectiveness for a given SCADA application? What type of unit will serve the mission not just today, but years into the future? We help our customers to implement most appropriate SCADA infrastructure based on operation and future requirements.

Masibus SCADA Solutions provide monitoring, control, and automation functions that allow the enterprise to improve operational reliability, reduce costs through eased work force requirements, enhance overall Quality of Service (QoS), or meet expected QoS or other key performance factors as well as boost employee and customer safety.

Our major Central SCADA applications include:

Public Infrastructure

  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Waste water collection and treatment
  • Electrical power transmission and distribution
  • Oil and gas pipeline monitoring and control

Industrial Processes (continuous, batch, or repetitive)

  • Remote monitoring and control of oil and gas production, pumping, and storage at refineries from both offshore platforms and onshore wells
  • Electrical power distribution from nuclear, gas-fired, coal, or renewable resources

Masibus has designed various SCADA solutions with different communication network, media and protocols with our in-house integration capabilities.

  • M2M Technology, 3G VPN Gateways and Routers
  • Plant and City wide Fiber optic Network
  • Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Radio Connectivity
  • Telephone and Leased Line
  • Satellite Links
  • SMS and Email Server

We have also designed low cost monitoring solutions for OEM customers to monitor their asset with the help of SMS and GSM based solutions which include applications.

  • Diesel Generator Health Monitoring with SMS
  • Transformer and Distribution Feeder Monitoring with SMS
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Temperature and Humidity Tracking for delivery Van

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