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Calibration Test Bench

Masibus Test Bench configurations are developed with intelligence of versatile & modular design, keeping in mind the instrument testing & calibration procedures.

The modular concept gives it the ease and makes it possible for a wide range of configurations & performance capabilities. All calibration benches are custom-built and engineered, meeting industry applications & standards of maintenance & calibrations of various devices used in the plant. It helps industry to maintain calibration data & healthiness of all field devices to give optimum performance.

Along with after sales support for the calibration test bench, Masibus offers complete design, development, detailed specifications, documentations, installation & commissioning, training & supply of equipment & accessories traceable to international standards.

The major sectors where Masibus Calibration Test Benches are popular are metal, cement, chemical, power and oil & gas.

Design & Development

Test Bench Layout: All design & layout diagrams are provided at the time of proposal to visualize the end product. Any modifications can be incorporated at the initial stage in order to minimize project delay.

Specifications & Facility Derivation: Masibus helps to evaluate specifications of test bench according to customer needs & derive the facility which covers the desired specifications.

Equipment Selection: The design comprises of analyzing the functionality required from the test bench & complying with the function selections of equipments that plays major role in work scope. Each equipment is selected on the basis of accuracy, flexibility & versatility, ease of use, productivity, certification & traceability. A package of hardware & software gets selected in order to retain a database for maintenance, planning & process management with field hardware for optimizing performance of the process instrument.


  • Made of heavy grade, high quality steel fabrications
  • HI-MACS can be milled to any shape as well as fabricated without joints through thermoforming
  • Accurately fabricated, welded & powder coated structure
  • Superior quality & sleek look
  • Fabricated of high quality acrylic solid surface from HI-MAC
  • Looks new even after 20 years
  • Various colour shades & textures are available
  • Smooth surface & ultra simple to clean

Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning: Masibus will provide satisfactory installation, testing, commissioning, start-up & performance tests of the individual testing & calibrating instrument/devices. All installation accessories & consumables required for successful installation of the system will also be supplied.

Acceptance Tests & Inspection: Masibus will provide test plans that are prepared to cover a variety of tests such as visual, functionality, user interface, error handling & performance that will form test cases for the project. Successful run of all test cases that are in the test design document will form basis for acceptance.

 Types of Calibration Test Bench Offerings: 

Pressure TB

Pressure Test Bench

Temperature TB

Temperature Test Bench 

Multifunction TB

Multifunction Test Bench 

Electrical  Electronics

Electrical Test Bench 

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