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Martel Portable Calibrators

Pressure Calibrators 

330  BetaGauge 330 with Integral Electric Pump

This pressure calibrator is small, lightweight and generates 300 PSI using a high performance integrated electric pump. In addition, the 330 measures and simulates 4-20mA loop current signals. No more manual pumping, just push a button to generate both vacuum and pressure.


BetaGauge 311A/321A Pressure Calibrator

Whichever you choose, the single sensor 311A, or the dual sensor 321A, you’ll have everything you need to calibrate pressure. Pick from 27 available pressure ranges. Measure 4-20mA and up to 30VDC. Large graphic display can be setup to display up to 3 inputs simultaneously.

311A EX

BetaGauge 311A-EX/321A-EX Intrinsically Safe Calibrator

ATEX and CSA approved for Class 1, Division II applications. Temperature compensation ensures accuracy in the field.  There is a Pt100 RTD for input for temperature, accurate to 0.1°C (0.2°F). Ideal for gas flow calibration (custody transfer) applications.

 PI PRO Digital Pressure Gauge

BetaGauge PIR PRO Reference Class Digital Pressure Test Gauge

The PI-PRO provides ±0.05% FS accuracy in any one of eighteen (18) pressure ranges. Add the BetaLOG-PI software and you have a high performance data logger.


 301 Single Sensor Pressure Calib

BetaGauge 301 Single Sensor Pressure Calibrator

This single sensor pressure calibrator offers great value and performance at ±0.05% FS accuracy. Add the optional BPPA-100 adapter and BetaPort-P pressure modules to expand measurement capability. Readings can be displayed in a number of engineering units including a user defined option.

PI PRO Digital Pressure Gauge

BetaGauge PI-PRO Digital Pressure Gauge

The PI-PRO provides ±0.05% FS accuracy in any one of eighteen (18) pressure ranges. Add the BetaLOG-PI software and you have a high performance data logger.

DPC 300A

DPC-300A Precision Pneumatic Calibration System

The DPC-300 can regulate plant air up to 100 PSI or generate pressure up to 300 PSI with the internal electric pump. The rugged IP67 case and rechargeable NiMH battery make it ideal for field use.

T140 Pressure Manometer

T-140 Pressure Manometer

Operation of this manometer is made easy through the use of a sealed membrane keypad with simple controls.   It’s available in several ranges from 10” H2O to 3000 PSI.

Beta Port P digital Pressure Modules

BetaPort-P Digital Pressure Modules

BetaPort-P pressure modules are offered in 25 different ranges, covering gauge, vacuum, absolute, compound and differential measurements.  

MEC P 100 Pneumatic Hand Pump

MECP100 Pneumatic Hand Pump, -12 to 100 PSI

This pocket sized pneumatic pump can generate vacuum and pressure well above 100 PSI. The precise vernier control makes it ideal for low pressure calibration. It’s available in kit form in a rugged hard sided case

MEC P 500 Pneumatic Hand Pump

MECP500 Pneumatic Hand Pump, -12 to 600 PSI

With improved volume per stroke and field serviceable check valves this is the go to pneumatic pump.  The MECP500 is available in kit form with hard case, tubing and fittings.

MECP10K Hydraulic Pump

MECP10K Hydraulic Pump, 0 to 10,000 PSI

This hand pump provides a hand held hydraulic pressure source from 0-10,000 PSI. A wide variety of pressure media may be used. Add a gauge for a complete testing solution. In kit form it comes in a rugged carrying case.

Signal Calibrators 

DMC 1410  DMC-1410 Documenting Multifunction Calibrator

The DMC-1410 provides access to a complete range of calibration functions while performing automated on-the-fly calibration data collection.  Easy-to-use software is included with the calibrator.

 MC 1210

MC-1210 Multifunction Calibrator

This all in one calibrator includes a dual display with isolated readback channel which allows the user to power a transmitter under test while reading the milliamp out.  50 mA and panel mount options are available.

MC 1010

MC-1010 Multifunction Calibrator

The MC-1010 provides a high level of functions and features at an easy to swallow price for the less demanding user who does not require an isolated readback channel. Easily add pressure capability with a BPPA-100 adapter.

 PSC 4010

PSC-4010 Process Calibrator

The PSC-4010 is a superior loop calibrator with voltage, current, and frequency functions. Programmable step and ramp functions let the end user quickly troubleshoot their application. All “10 Series” calibrators feature a high contrast ClearBrite™ display.


 Temperature Calibrators 

DMC 1410  PTC-8010 RTD & Thermocouple Calibrator

The PTC-8010 is the clear choice for those users that need a high accuracy portable temperature calibrator for RTD’s and TC’s. An RS-232 serial interface can be setup for remote control making it ideal for lab applications.

 MC 1210

TC-100 Thermocouple Calibrator

The TC-100 calibrator provides high accuracy source and measurement of ten thermocouples, as well as mV.  It accepts both mini-plug and TC bare wires.

 Electrical Calibrators 

LC 110H  LC-110H Precision Loop Calibrator with HART

The LC-110H is the first loop calibrator to offer HART communication capability for several universal and common practice commands.  It also has the capability to data log and export  configurations.


IVC-222HPII Voltage Current Calibrator

The IVC-222HPII features 0.015%  of reading accuracy and intuitive, easy-to-use controls. The four output ranges: 200 mV, 2V, 20V, and 24mA.


MS-420 Loop Calibrator

This multi-purpose loop tool offers high accuracy in an ultra-small, rugged package. A single pushbutton selects 4,8,12,16, or 20mA with a drive capability up to 300 Ohms.


LC-110 Precision Loop Calibrator

The LC-110 loop calibrator features 0.01% reading accuracy a user friendly interface with adjustable span selection (0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA).

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