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Cogent DataHub, Canada

The next generation of real-time data solutions

The Cogent DataHub is a software tool that lets you connect, integrate, store, and display real-time data. With one easy-to-use tool you can build a complete system, or augment installed, existing systems.

Using individual, modular components, it lets you connect to live data from virtually any source—in industrial, embedded, or financial systems. It lets you integrate all of your data sources into a common data set available to all users.

Then you can create web pages to visualize and interact with live processes. You can send notifications, as well as store data for analysis or archives.

Like its predecessor, the OPC DataHub, the Cogent DataHub connects directly to OPC servers and clients. It can pull data out of any ODBC-compliant database, like SQL Server or MySQL, as well as getting calculations from Excel. And to meet the needs of just about anyone, it can connect via TCP to custom programs and non-Windows operating systems.

Cogent DataHub Features

  • Access data from anywhere
  • Integrate disconnected process areas
  • Link production to management
  • Overcome limitations of proprietary systems
  • Connect embedded systems and custom applications

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