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DataHub QuickTrend

A new free real-time trending application from Cogent is the world-leaders in real-time middleware solutions. Using the DataHub QuickTrend you can connect to data on OPC and DDE servers and quickly choose which point you want to see in a live trend display. As any engineer will tell you, seeing your data in a trend chart allows you to dig down and really analyze the inner workings of your process.

Features of the fully integrated version

  • DataHub WebView - Builds and display private cloud-based web pages.
  • Data Historian - To store and retrieve large volumes of data at high speeds.
  • Data Redundancy - To do hot standby switching between identical data sources
  • Scripting - Program custom solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Security - Control access and set permissions for users and groups.
  • Email/SMS Notification - Receive email/SMS messages based on data changes.
  • Database Read -Read data from any ODBC database.
  • Database Write - Write data to any ODBC database.
  • OPC Support - Connect to OPC servers and clients.
  • DDE/Excel Support - For connecting to Excel spreadsheets and other DDE servers
  • Tunnel/Mirror - Network OPC data securely and avoid DCOM.
  • Data Aggregation - Merge data from multiple sources into a common data set.
  • Data Source Bridging - Connect two or more data sources to share data in real time.
  • Linux/QNX Connectivity - To connect to Linux and QNX based systems.
  • System Monitor - Access to Windows system analytics interface.

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