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DataHub System Monitor

The DataHub System Monitor makes it easy to monitor the status and performance of your connected DataHub computers. Trigger alarm notifications when critical programs fail or when system resources grow dangerously low.

Standard Features

  • System Monitor - Access to Windows system analytics interface.
  • Aggregation - Merge data from multiple sources into a common data set.
  • Tunnel/Mirror - Network OPC data securely and avoid DCOM.
  • DataHub QuickTrend - View live, real-time trends for selected data.
  • Scripting - Program custom solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Security - Control access and set permissions for users and groups.

Popular add-on features

  • DataHub WebView - Build and display private cloud-based web pages.
  • Email/SMS Notification - Receive an email or SMS message based on data changes.
  • Database Read - Read data from any ODBC database.
  • Database Write - Write data to any ODBC database.
  • Data Historian - Store and retrieve large volumes of data at high speeds.

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