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DataHub WebView

DataHub WebView is a powerful new web HMI that makes it easy for you to build web content that displays live real-time data from your plant. Collaborate on page development with any number of people and provide secure access to your pages from anywhere with Internet access. Developed completely using the latest Microsoft Silverlight technology, WebView delivers amazing graphics, sub-second updates and full permissions based user access control all running fully within your web browser.

DataHub WebView Benefits

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Make things easier
  • Expand your possibilities

Product Features

  • DataHub WebView application - For building and displaying leading edge web displays with unlimited data and client connections.
  • DataHub Web Server - Built-in fully secure web server to serve your WebView pages.
  • Data Historian - This fully integrated high-speed historian provides past histories for trend displays.
  • OPC support - Easy, reliable OPC connections to your process data.
  • DataHub API support - Need to get data from legacy systems, the DataHub API helps you customize your data collection.
  • Silverlight Policy Server - Provides security protection for the DataHub WebView client program that runs in your web browser.
  • Tunnel/Mirror support - Provides data access from the WebView client in the browser and the DataHub back-end. Also allows you to connect to other DataHubs over a network connection to collect data from remote locations.
  • DataHub QuickTrend - A real-time trend application that ships with the Cogent DataHub.
  • Data Aggregation - Data from multiple sources can be easily aggregated into a common data set and made available to any DataHub client program, such as WebView, QuickTrend or the Historian.
  • DataHub Scripting - Make the Cogent DataHub do exactly what you want using this powerful scripting language.
  • DataHub Security - Full permissions based security allows you to restrict access and define both authentication and authorization policies.

Popular Add-On Features

  • DDE/Excel Support - Reads and writes access to DDE servers and clients. Easy drag and drop into Excel and simple high-speed updates our Excel.
  • Data Bridging - The easy way to associate data from one system with data from another. Bridge the gap between servers that don't normally talk to each other.
  • Database Read and Database Write - Simple configuration interfaces lets you read data from and write data to a database.
  • Email/SMS Notification - Receive an email or SMS message when certain conditions within your system are met. Embed current values into your messages so you stay well informed and can make better decisions.

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