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Hilscher, Germany

Competence in Communication

Industrial Protocol Gateways for applications in Industrial Automation which interconnects two networks of different types and Transfers/converts data in between both networks.

The spectrum of industrial communication technologies is very wide reaching. They range from the traditional fieldbus systems to newtechnologies that are based on Ethernet. The Ethernet systems arenot purely based on traditional technology used in office automation,they have Real-Time extensions, bus based architecture while stilloffering worldwide access via the internet. These technologies usespecial gateways, PC boards and ASICs with the associatedoperating system drivers, OPC Servers and configurators

Customer benefits:

  • Reduce storage costs, only one PC card for Master or Slave
  • Freedom of choice with one PC card for all Real-Time-Ethernet systems
  • Minimal integration effort through unified
  • interfaces and tools (platform strategy)
  • Save time with fast start of operation. Complete software package included in delivery (Configuration Tool, Driver, Manuals).
  • More flexibility thanks to a great variety of form factors: PCI, PCIexpress, Mini PCI, Mini PCIexpress, compactPCI, PC/104, PCI-104.

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cifx 500x500 cifX – Communication for PC based Automation

If Master or Slave, Fieldbus with its various standards is a well established technology in the PC based automation and will keep on competing with the emerging Real-Time-Ethernet systems for several years...

Netlink Hilscher netLINK – Gateway in Smart Plug Format

netLINK is a complete gateway in bus connector format. It is directly mounted on the target equipment. It is either powered over its front connector or with 24 V over an additional terminal...

netTAP 50  100 copy netTAP – Protocol Converter for the Automationdditional terminal

From the office world to the sensor/actor level, today an industrial plant is traversed by several various communication networks. We are far away from a totally vertically integrated network that is used consistently on all levels in reality...

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