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MC1100 MC1100 Vibrometer

Machine Control MC 1100 is the basic vibration meter for measuring the effective vibration velocity veff (rms) according to DIN ISO 10816-3 or the vibration acceleration and the rolling bearing condition gSP…

MI 2100 MinIbalancer

The MinIbalancer MI 2100 is the state-of-the-art field balancing instrument for balancing rotating machinery in one or two planes under operating conditions…

VL 8000 VibroLyzer VL 8000

VL 8000 is a high-end field balancing instrument with advanced vibration measurement, vibration analysis and machine diagnosis features…

online balancing system-1 Online Balancing System

Masibus offers Online Balancing System of Hofmann. Hofmann is considered the world leader in numerous balancing applications, Hofmann has designed and produced balancing systems for over 80 years…

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