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Online Balancing System


Masibus offers Online Balancing System of Hofmann. Hofmann is considered the world leader in numerous balancing applications, Hofmann has designed and produced balancing systems for over 80 years. Hofmann expertise is integrated into solutions for our customers in all industries around the world

  • The active balancing system automatically compensates unbalance during the operation of a machine.
  • Time savings through fast electromagnetic drive and adaptive balancing methods
  • Increased product quality and machine availability
  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Permanent vibration monitoring
  • Neutral position for manual pre-balancing
  • Windows operating and visualization software
  • Field balancing software
  • Balancing during machine operation
  • Compensation of operational unbalances
  • Balancing of rotors, grinding wheels, grinding spindles

Process industry

  • Fans, compressors - correction of unbalance due to trash buildup, dirt accumulation.
  • Paper rolls - compensation of unbalance due to thermal distortion, condensate build-up
  • Pumps - compensation of hydraulic unbalance

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