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Williamson specializes in short-wavelength single-wavelength sensors, dual-wavelength sensors, multi-wavelength sensors, fiber-optic sensors and application-specific sensors, with innovative and unique capabilities in each category of infrared thermometer.  Innovative and unique Williamson capabilities generally pertain to thoughtful wavelength selection, proprietary single-, dual-, multi-wavelength and fiber-optic technologies and innovative mechanical design.  Unique capabilities include clearly viewing through optical interferences such as water, steam, flames, combustion gasses, plasma and laser energy; accurately measuring low- and variable-emissivity materials such as aluminum, chrome, copper, molten metal, tin, titanium, stainless steel, superalloys, and high-strength and cold-rolled steel; measuring selective emitters such as flames and industrial gasses; and tolerating significant optical obstruction, misalignment, low or high ambient temperature exposure and mechanically abusive environments.  

Williamson's market Focus includes the Metals (primarily iron and steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and zinc), Flame-Fired process (primarily flares, thermal reactors, rotary kilns, incinerators and boilers), and Engineered products (primarily fabricated metal parts, crystal growing, CVD, glass, ceramic and carbon) markets.


Flare Monitor 400x400 Flare Monitor

Infrared Sensors for Monitoring Smokeless Flares, Pilots, and Flame Intensity.

Flare Monitor: Monitor smokeless flare combustion efficiency to maximize destruction of hazardous VOCs and assure smoke-free operation.

Pilot Monitor: Monitor flare pilot flame to ensure proper incineration of flammable vent gasses.

Flame Intensity: Monitor the size and intensity of flames, confirm flare ignition and monitor flame radiation emissions.

IR-Pyrometer-Gold-Series IR Pyrometer Gold Series

Single Wavelength - Gold Series 20/30 Class Sensors

The Gold Series is a complete line of single wavelength infrared thermometers featuring state of the art technology to provide accurate, reliable measurements for a range of general industrial applications.

IR-Pyrometer-PRO-Series---Dual-&-Multi-wavelength IR Pyrometer PRO Series – Dual & Multi Wavelength

Advanced Multi Wavelength Capabilities

Pro Series Dual Wavelength Infrared Thermometers feature state of the art technology to provide accurate and reliable measurements for traditional and challenging applicatons.

IR-Pyrometer-PRO-Series---Single-wavelength-1 IR Pyrometer PRO Series - Single wavelength

The PRO 40/50 Series offers a complete family of single-wavelength infrared thermometers featuring state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of industrial applications.

IR-Pyrometers-Silver-Series IR Pyrometers Silver Series

Single Wavelength - Silver Series Sensors

The Silver Series is a family of compact industrial infrared thermometers. This series contains the latest advances in digital processing to provide the most accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements…

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