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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring is the cost-effective solution for monitoring the condition of rotating equipments. Within the industrial facility, vibration is often the most important indicator of the mechanical integrity of rotating or reciprocating machinery.

Using vibration monitoring, one can

  • Prevent machinery damage
  • Prevent costly downtime
  • Predict problems and properly schedule corrective maintenance

Masibus provides Online Vibration Monitoring System. System monitors vibration of critical fan, pump, motor and other industrial machines. It gives overall vibration values Very sophisticated software provide overall vibration, trend of vibration, data storage, alarm in case of abnormal vibration.


  • Online Vibration monitoring
  • Capable to take process inputs also on 4-20mA like temperature
  • 4 channels monitoring
  • RS-485 Output for communication
  • Parameter: Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
  • Buffer Output
  • Shaft position and relative vibration measurement on rotating machinery


  • Improved Overall efficiency by increasing machine uptime
  • Improved safety by decreasing the risk of machine failure
  • Continuous machine health information
  • Reduced capital costs by extending machine service life
  • Decreased machine servicing cost by repairing or replacing damaged parts
  • Decreased machine repair costs by recognizing problems in advance
  • Reduced machine downtime by allowing machines to be maintained

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